Who is Rustad Publishing?

Rustad Publishing is one of the only available theatrical/pop sheet music providers, providing groups all around the world with access to legally licensed arrangements, transcriptions, and orchestrations of popular Broadway, Film, and Popular music.

By special arrangement with multiple rights holders and contacts at many large publishing houses, we are able to provide high quality, accurate-to-the-note transcriptions, authentic arrangements, and easy to read sheet music and backing tracks to performing groups all over the US.

We are dedicated to educational theatre and music, and have created special collections to meet the needs of various types of performers and audiences. Our virtual ensemble sheet music and performance packages are not available from any other providers online, and with the high production value put into our backing tracks, click tracks, and sheet music we can provide the best solution to your music needs. We offer jazz band arrangements that fit band levels ranging from high school to professional, and our large orchestral arrangements have a quality unmatched by even some "Rental Only" professional scores.

Our custom arrangement/licensing solutions make it possible for you to design your own show! If needed, we will purchase all needed mechanical licenses for click tracks, help secure sync licenses for videos, and if exclusivity of sheet music to your ensemble is requested, we can walk you through licensing using the Licensing Exchange.